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2018 Rosa Fontana, directed by Julie Perreard,
Role: Rosa Fontana, Series - France.
2017 The Distance, directed by Julie Perreard.
Role: Mother, Short film - France.
2011 Mirage à l'Italienne, documentary film directed by Alessandra Celesia produced by ARTE and Zeugma Films, Feature Film - France.
2010 L'Uomo e il Lupo, documentary film by Alessandra Celesia, Italy.

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Rosa Fontana

Series directed
by Julie Perreard.
Rosa is 40, her husband left her. She came to France to try her luck, but her strong Italian accent embarrasses her in her acting profession and does not give her many opportunities to work. Forced to sell kitchen products door to door... Rosa, has many surprises in store for us!

The Distance

Short film directed
by Julie Perreard.
A few days before my child was born, I wrote this poem. I experienced this pregnancy as a miracle. Nine months before, I had been told that I had very little chance of conceiving... so "the distance between me and my baby was just this little piece of skin" of mine. I made this video ten months after the birth of my daughter "Charlie Elle" under the direction of Julie Perreard.

Mirage à l'Italienne

Film documentary directed
by Alessandra Celesia
Produced by ARTE and Zeugma Films.
The destiny of five Italians, who share the same preoccupation to desert the country, are brought together by this advertisement that appeared in Turin during the throes of the economic crisis.


Short film directed
by Lorenzo Paillaud.
A man and a woman watch the Super 8 images of their past romance and react in the opposite way...

Les Bureaux
de Dieu

Feature film directed
by Claire Simon
SACD Award - Directors Fortnight 2008 "Eleftherotypia" Award - 21st Panorama of European Cinema
The script of this film was written from real scenes observed in several Family Planning centers between 2000 and 2007 ". In God's offices we laugh, we cry, we are overwhelmed.

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Video cinema Loredana Acquaviva