Director Loredana Acquaviva


2012-2018 SOFA STREET A documentary Film inspired by the artistic project of the same name, supported by the DRAC, the RATP Group Foundation and the Tremblay Town Council.
2012-13 I GUERRIERI Writer and Director, film in post-production, ALLINDI FILMS.
2011 MIRAGE A L'ITALIENNE produced by Zeugma Films and ARTE, First Assistant Director and Production Assistant.
2011 ÉCOLE PHILIPPE GAULIER a short film about Philippe Gaulier’s Theatre School.
2010 PÈRE & FILS filmed by Loredana Acquaviva. France.

Sofa Street

…and if the sofas could speak...
Writer and Director the project supported by the City of Paris and the RATP Group Foundation.
Today, the old sofas that live on the streets of our neighbourhood come to tell us their history, the life of our borough and the people who live there. For years now, down dead ends, on street corners, at the bottom of buildings, supported by trees, I find sofas and I capture them with my camera. Some are old and come to end their careers, finishing on the streets, others are still young and sometimes they have the chance to be adopted.
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Writer and Director
Documentary Film
In Post-Production
A family from southern Italy in battle against Parkinson's disease.

Director Loredana Acquaviva

École Philippe Gaulier

Documentary Short
Philippe Gaulier is a contemporary poet. He has always believed in his dream of freedom. He trains actors, directors and writers and gives his students the freedom to create and the freedom to be.


Writer and Director
Documentary Short
In the old town of Ajaccio,
there is "The Furniture Clinic".
Rémi is Bruno's apprentice, his father.

Director Loredana Acquaviva

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